I wrote a Jingle and I Liked It!

“The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started”


I have to start writing something or I’m never going to get started.  The other day I wrote a jingle to a positive quote and I really liked it. Have I created anything since? 


Well, yes, I actually have! I haven’t posted it yet, but I recorded the melody, lyrics, and ukulele.  So at least it’s not just in my head where it’s bound to get lost. 


Here’s how I created my little jingle and how I plan to create others:


  1. Find a quote that resonates with me
  2. Sing the words with a couple of different melodies
  3. Strum the 5 chords I recently learned on my ukulele (C, G, Am, F, Dm)
  4. Put the melody and a couple of the chords together.                    


At this point, I’m mentally tired, but I actually like what I’ve done, so I’m just going to go for it. 

I know you were expecting a super in-depth process, but honesty, that’s all I got.

Where do you find your inspiration and how do you bring your ideas to life? 

Oh! And here’s the jingle:


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