I Upgraded My Bedroom Studio

When I decided that I wanted to pursue my music passion, I knew that I would have to make some changes and upgrades. I already had my audio interface, a couple of mics, XLR cables, and some other essential audio recording equipment. 

Taking it a step further, I hired a “producer” tutor that unfortunately didn’t work out (lack of boundaries). Plus, their mentality did not align with mine, so I didn’t keep that up.

I did, however, purchase a course called “Voice Memo to Demo,” and it’s been worth the purchase. The creator’s name is Kris Bradley, and she has a dope but straightforward setup. 

The main problem I had with my setup was that I had to constantly hook and unhook my piano (midi controller) to my computer. I also had to keep turning my neck and head to play and record from my piano. 

While I was still able to create and record music, it just wasn’t convenient. So I decided to look for a solution.

Recording Studio Desk

That’s when I ran across a Recording Studio Desk while searching on Google! I initially found it on Walmart, but then I also saw it on Amazon for cheaper. This desk was what I needed to upgrade my bedroom studio.  

I now have my laptop, monitor, speaker, mics, audio interface, and keyboard all within my reach and ready to go.

Plus, I was able to get it on a $30 sale for Black Friday. Win-Win!

It seems like a simple upgrade, but it’s been a game-changer for me. I’m able to see my computer while practicing my piano. I can also see my computer while putting down chords and beats using my keyboard as a midi controller in Logic. 

It’s all about removing those barriers and taking away excuses to develop consistency; this is true whether you are practicing or creating. When you remove the obstacles and create a space where you can sit down and get started, you will create healthy habits that lead to the results you want.

p.s. Check out the video if you want to see the transformation!!



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