How to Make Life Transitions a Little Smoother

“Transitions in life can offer opportunities for discovery.” –

Robbie Shell

I’ve just noticed that several people in my life are going through some type of transition right now, including myself.

Last year, 2020, hit everyone super hard and in different ways, good and not so good.

And this year, a lot of people decided it was time to make moves and are now starting to feel the effects of those decisions.

I know a couple of people who are retiring, separating from spouses, changing jobs, moving to new states/countries, and other lifestyle changes.

The interesting thing is that while we’re all going through changes and transitions, everyone is thinking about it and handling it differently.

Why is this interesting?

Well, the definition of transition is always the same, “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another”.

But like I said every single person is thinking about it differently. 

Some people are kinda just going with the flow and making decisions as they come. While other people are anxious, worried, and scared. 

Personally, I swing between the two as I’m transitioning into a new career and new lifestyle. 

And with these differences come unintentional expectations. Meaning, just because I’m more anxious and worried about transitioning, doesn’t mean my friend feels the same way. 

Of course, taking into account there are different ways we’re all transitioning, but even then numerous people before us have made these same transitions and have felt differently about them. 

For example, I’m obviously not the only single mother who has decided to go back to school to learn something new so I can transition into better work. 

And someone else isn’t the first person to resign from their position and move across the country in pursuit of their dream career. 

And even more, lots of people retire each year and have various feelings, emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

It’s beautiful and chaotic!!

But I believe what’s most important is that everyone is given space to FEEL what they need to FEEL as they are transitioning. 

No expectations.

No pressure.

No judgment.

No boxes (except if you’re moving)

It’s important that not only do we hold space for those around us transitioning but that we also give ourselves space (and grace). 

We have to look outside of ourselves and realize life is still happening outside of our bubble or whirlwind of transition.

Doing this gives us a REAL and wide perspective on what’s going on and allows us to breathe as we support and hold space for other people. 

Then we can come back to our own transition with fresh eyes, gratitude, and a new attitude for what can and can’t be controlled. 

Our Power During Transition

Transition can be scary, fun, worrisome, overwhelming, exciting, adventurous and so much more!!

We have the power to see it how we want to through the power of our thoughts. And real talk, for most people,(I know there are exceptions) that’s the only thing we really have control over. 

How we respond to what comes up during our transition is our real SUPERPOWER!

Your Turn…Journal Prompt

Are you transitioning?

Do you know someone who is in transition?

Are you holding space and giving grace to yourself and those in your circle?

How can you be reminded or remind them that we all need someone to hold space?

What if we really do have control over how we respond to other people and different situations?

What comes up for you?

Welp, that’s all I got…

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