HandWriting My Blog Posts Is The Best Feeling

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

–Anaïs Nin

Using The Notes App

I’ve always wanted to write my blog post using my apple pencil. The issue I was running into is how the written text only takes up part of the page.

But it looks like the Notes App actually does the converting to text and pasting better than Good notes. It seems to take up the correct length of the page, so all I need to do is make grammatical correction vs formatting.

This is realy good news!  As much as I love Good notes, being able to write my blog post by hand was a big reason I decided to purchase an iPad. I think so much better when I’m able to put “pen” to “paper”. For some reason when I type my brain gets overwhelmed or I feel like I’m typing a paper for school and not just expressing myself and sharing my thoughts.

This is a much longer section of writing so I wonder how well the Notes app will do. Plus, I’m starting to get a cramp in my hand which is definitely a downside to handwriting. But this really excites me! 

Now I get to dig a little deeper into the Notes App.

I was at one time using it for the worksheets I gave my children for schooling. Unfortunately they have older iPads and the older Apple pencils suck in comparison to the new ones. This is especially true when it comes to charging. Hopefully as time goes on we’ll be able to afford newer iPads, along with newer Apple Pencils and we can start using worksheets on the iPad.

Text From Goodnotes

so I want play around with writing my blog

by hand. Unfortunately that’s almost impossible

because even if I write the full length of

ate page, the converted text with only take

up a column size.

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